The main concern of an authentic democracy consists in guaranteeing that all members of society have a real and equal possibility for participation in collective decisions. Thus, when our constitution establishes in its first article that Colombia is a democratic and participative republic, it is assuming the challenge and commitment to promote citizen participation in all of the situations of social life.

IDEA facilitates the following mechanisms to the citizens:

Atención en línea - Chat IDEACHAT: IDEA has provided the public with an online service that will be scheduled at a rate of two hours per week. Schedules will be duly informed in this section.

Encuesta ​SURVEY: IDEA is important to know your opinion. If you want to vote online survey, go to the home page and click on the "IDEA WANT TO KNOW YOUR OPINION".

Redes sociales SOCIAL NETWORK: el IDEA tiene presencia en las más importantes redes sociales por su impacto y número de seguidores. Puedes seguirnos a través de los botones de enlace ubicados al lado izquierdo de tu pantalla.

Réndición de cuentas ​DELIVERING REPORTS: IDEA has a presence in all major social networks and their impact following. You can follow us via the link buttons located on the left side of your screen.


QUESTIONS, COMPLAINTS, CLAIMS AND ACCUSATIONS​: el IDEA has a system to receive adequate attention to petitions, complaints, complaints, suggestions and demands posed by citizens and that are related to the activities of the entity. Click to start recording your PQRSD.