The Institute for the Development of Antioquia – IDEA makes this section available where you can present your petition, complaint, claim, suggestion or congratulation, with respect to services rendered by the institute. For your convenience, you will find next the description of each one of the resources so that you can adequately classify your petition and likewise receive a response adjusted to the requirement.


The petitions are made up by all those respectful petitions presented by natural or legal persons, verbally, written, by email or through any other suitable means for communicating or transferring data of individual, collective or general interest, as long as its object is not found within the matters restricted by the Political Constitution or the Law (Resolution 2278 of 2013).


It is a complaint, protest, censure, discontent or non-conformity raised by a person in relation to the conduct supposedly irregular displayed by one or several public workers in exercise of their functions (Resolution 2278 of 2013).


It is the right that every person has to demand, vindicate or demand a solution or a response to a petition, be it due to a general or particular motive, in relation to the functions of the entity (Resolution 2278 of 2013).


It is an advice or proposal that a user or institution comes up with for improving the services given by IDEA.


Is made ​​known to the competent authority of a possibly irregular, that is below the corresponding criminal, disciplinary, fiscal, administrative investigation conduct - ethical or professional sanction. It is necessary that the circumstances of time, manner and place are indicated in order that responsibilities are established.


Expression of satisfaction with recognition or achievement by a person or entity.​


For customer service concerning petitions, complaints and claims you can elaborate your application filling out the following online form:

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