Certificado de Calidad ISO 9001 

At IDEA, we have an Institutional Procurement System (certified under the ISO 9001:2008 and NTCGP 1000:2009 norms) as a mechanism of competitiveness, productivity and continuous improvements, which permits us to render our services in such a manner that will satisfy the needs of our clients in an efficient and effective way.

Every modern organization that would like to remain in the market must be updated with respect to the requirements, needs and expectations of the clients. The best way to get close to this objective is to support the ISO norm and the NTCGP 1000 Public Quality Norm as a competitiveness, productivity and betterment mechanism for processes and services.

We are convinced that the quality and control of the procurement activities must prevail. IDEA works with the concept of integral procurement activities based on continuous improvement and self-control to take care of expectations and needs of the groups of interest, in order to comply with the institutional objectives. 








Once having obtained the certification in the year 2003 and being renewed by the ICONTEC every three years under the ISO 9001 Norm, 2008 version, and having obtained the certification of the Colombian Public Procurement Technical Norm NTCGP 1000 in 2007 and being renewed every three years, the quality procurement system maintains itself and integrates itself to the Internal Control System, making up the Institutional Procurement System into an efficient and effective institutional tool, consolidating itself as part of the organization's culture.


In this manner, our institution seeks to reinforce itself at the departmental and national level and also seeks to participate in international scenarios by serving the community through optimizing its services. It also offers excellent service to its clients and is backed by all its functionaries. It is more important throughout time to have an Institutional Procurement System than to obtain the certification.



At IDEA we are committed to the improvement of the community's quality of life through the optimization of the credit and counseling services, deposit management services, resource projects and management within the framework of our social object. This commitment is based on the strategic plan, the institutional values and on the continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the quality procurement system, in harmony with the internal control system. It guarantees the economic and financial sustainability of the Institution and the satisfaction of our clients in a social responsibility framework.



Focus on client


Active participation of public and/or independent workers who exercise public functions

Focus based on processes

System focus for procurement

Continuous improvement

Focus based on facts for decision making

Mutually beneficial relation with the supplier

Coordination, cooperation and connectivity


Organization's social responsibility



The Institution's Procurement System established at IDEA has as its application field the mission, support and strategy processes necessary for rendering the institutional services. These are part of the requirements established in ISO 9001 Norm, the Quality Technical Norm for Public Procurement NTCGP 1000 and the Internal Control Standard Model, MECI 1000.

The Institute's business processes are certified and applicable to the activities of "deposit management, project management, resource management, counseling and financing of public investments of social character", which guarantees excellent quality services to our clients.



The objectives stated by the Institution under the Institution's Strategic Planning methodology are:

Strengthening and guaranteeing IDEA's financial sustainability

Efficiently managing the structure of expenses

Ensuring financial profitability

Redirecting the patrimonial investments and identifying investments of strategic importance for Antioquia

Positioning IDEA using the media

Redirecting the rendering of promotion and development services principally towards Territorial Entities

Reinforcing, counseling and training for the client

Designing and implementing marketing strategies that permit products and services innovation

Increasing the Institution's procurement capability

Creating strategic alliances that seek promotion and development

Obtaining resources for promotion and development projects



With the Institution's Procurement System there is a Betterment Procurement Process which has as its mission to "ensure the continuous improvement of processes, establishing guidelines to apply effectively preventive and corrective actions and to continuously improve the institutional procurement system".

Knowing about quality when rendering our services permits us to improve and correct them and to establish with the client clear agreements. Thus, we demonstrate in this way that our policy is effectively oriented to give a service of excellent quality.

Due to the above, we are pleased to inform that we have available different communication means to express your complaints, claims and concerns concerning our customer service. These are:

Phone: 01 8000 94 20 02.

Email: contactenos@idea.gov.co

Suggestions Box located in our facilities

Written communication:  Calle 42 Nº. 52 - 259

We invite you to participate in this process expressing your ideas, suggestions, complaints and claims. We will be glad to take care of your concerns. Your contributions help us consolidate and improve our Institutional Procurement System.





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