The Opportunity bank of Antioquia is the new way to promote the talent of entrepreneurs and small business from Antioquia, focused on a financial aid to their productive units and new business ideas.

It's a program from IDEA and the Department of Productivity and Competitiveness, which is part of the Antioquia model which is another tool to encourage the business development and promote the right development on the different regions.

The primary objective is focused to give an answer to the people who lives in Antioquia and want to create or reinforce their productive activities and need a financial aid with an integral support.

The Opportunity Bank seeks to meet the needs of entrepreneurs that have had difficulties on a formal banking loan to finance their new business ideas or reinforce the ones that they already have.

The Opportunity Bank seeks to provide opportunities for microcredit in a timely manner, with access facilities, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs and value-added training, consultancy and business support, which in future will improve the culture of formalization of microenterprises, the culture of financial management in families and result in increasing the quality of life of the people from Antioquia.


What is the Opportunity Bank for Antioquia?

 The Opportunity Bank is an open mind project form the people talent that wants to create or reinforce their productive activities and need the correct loan and a business support.

What is not The Opportunity Bank?

The Opportunity Bank is NOT an education, housing, territory acquisition, leisure, debt payment, transport acquisition and free investment loan entity.


How to apply for the Loan?


To apply for the Loan of "the bank of opportunities for Antioquia" you must:

  • Be 18 – 70 years old
  • Live and Have the creative opportunity or business idea in Antioquia's municipalities out of Valle of Aburra (Urban and rural area).
  • Be natural person or legal entity in social, community or caring nature, located in social levels 1, 2 or 3. In case you do not have stratification, you are encouraged to show the SISBEN up to 41 points or which could be similar to the actual norm. If you do not have one of these classifications, you must be analyzed by a formal visit for studying your credit or neighborhood certification.
  • Do not have liabilities with any financial entity, including ONG.
  • Do not have a risk central report above 2.5 minimum salaries.
  • If you have real state, you will not need co-liable. If you need a co-liable, he/she could be employed, independent or could have real state.
  • Receive a training as a pre-candidate

Amount of the Loan

  1. For natural person: 1 to 10 Minimum Legal Salarie(s).
  2. For legal entities of social, community of caring nature: 1 to 30 Minimum Legal Salarie (s).​

What is the tax for the Loan, and how could I pay it?

  1. Tax: 0.98% Monthly. For example: If you borrow 100 thousand pesos, you will pay 980 pesos monthly.
  2. Term: From 1 to 36 months for individual loans, and for associative loans up to 48 months.
  3. The grace periods could be between 3 and 6 months, according to the productive cycle and/or new business foundation.

Where are located the bank attention offices?

The bank of opportunities for Antioquia, has attention offices in Antioquia Centers and municipal seats of the 9 sub-regions of the department: Amalfi, Andes, Caucasia, Donmatías, Frontino, Puerto Berrio, Rionegro, Yarumal, Santa Fe de Antioquia, El Peñol, Urrado, Apartadó and Necoclí.

You can also receive information from the bank of opportunities for Antioquia and submit the application form in these SMB offices in Colombia: Betulia, Chigorodo, Jardín, La pintada, San Pedro de Urabá, Santa Rosa, Turbo and Zaragoza. ​

Banco de las Oportunidades


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