• Investment Lines

    1. Investments for institutional sustainability: Investment for the generation of financial performance which will permit the development of IDEA's mission's object, as a facilitator for the development of the Antioquia regions.

    Characteristics of the companies:

    • Existing or new
    • Size: medium - big
    • Annual sales: between US $ 5 – 10 million.
    • Public, mixed and private companies or investment funds.
    • Economic sector: those determined by the Institute (Hydroelectric, mining, financing project, production lines development)
    • Geographical location: Municipalities of Antioquia, Colombia
    • Duration of the investment: 8 – 15 years (profitability expectation)
    • Investment Form: Direct investment or through a private capital fund
    • Desired participation percentage: Majority, having decision power.  


    2. Investments for the generation of economic development or impact investments: It consists of a way to unblock capital and put it in investments that generate social impact and economic returns based on the market  in order to generate sustainable business that addresses social and-or environmental problems; also known as social investments or responsible social investments.

    It refers to the concept of generating in an intentional manner financial and non-financial returns.

    They are high impact investments that promote the economic development of Antioquia, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants through capital investment in productive projects. 

    Characteristics of the projects:

    • New projects

    • Size: Medium

    • Investment need: US$  2 - 5 million

    • Public or mixed character

    • Economic Sector: those determined by the Departmental Development Plan in mining, agriculture, tourism, science and technology, Urabá

    • Geographic location: Antioquia  
    • Investment duration: 3 to 5 years  
    • Investment form: Direct Investment; autonomous patrimony or it can be a Project presented by IDEA and for its benefit
    • Profitability expectations: Capital recovery + social indicators  
    • Participation percentage desired: minority (with controlling conditions)